28th in Hongkong: My Birthday Weekend Getaway

Hello everyone! It's great to finally get back on writing after three months. We're already halfway through the year, and I can't believe I am already 28 years old! Life has been pretty rough these last six months, and I am failing a lot. But God is still good. I'm still alive and breathing, so… Continue reading 28th in Hongkong: My Birthday Weekend Getaway

Travel Diaries of a Banker: Surigao 2016

The long weekend brought by All Souls and All Saints Day finally gave me and my Security Bank Georgetown family a chance to make our overdue summer outing happen. (Can I still call it "summer outing"? Haha) Our trip to Surigao was coordinated by Cdo Travel and Tours, a local travel agency which has cheap… Continue reading Travel Diaries of a Banker: Surigao 2016