K-Drama 2019: 6 must-visit places in South Korea with a 4-day itinerary

Anyeonghaseyeo everyone! I hope you all had a very productive week. As you can tell from the title of this blogpost, yes - I just got back from my quick vacation in the land of Oppas and Noonas - South Korea!My love for K-dramas pushed me to book this trip with my boyfriend, my cousin,… Continue reading K-Drama 2019: 6 must-visit places in South Korea with a 4-day itinerary

Siargoals 2018: A Travel Guide

Hi guys! This post has been long overdue. I'm excited to share with you my most recent beach trips in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao! Ever since Bora's rehabilitation project, almost everyone has been flying down south to Mindanao dying to get to great beaches and sandy dunes. Luckily, my boyfriend and I… Continue reading Siargoals 2018: A Travel Guide

Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 5 and 6)

Hello everyone! I am heartily sorry for not having posted in a while. I was a bit busy juggling work, home, and community activities and most days I was just too tired to post. Fret not, this will be my last update on my recent Japan trip since this is the last highlight. So, let's… Continue reading Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 5 and 6)

Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 4)

Hi Everyone. I have not been able to continue posting about my Japan trip due to the ongoing political crisis in my homeland, Mindanao, specifically in the city of Marawi. In light of the recent invasion by the Maute Group in that city, the President declared Martial Law here in Mindanao to ultimately control the… Continue reading Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 4)

Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 2)

(Continued...) Our Second day in Japan consisted of lengthy walks in the Ueno Park and Zoo, the Tokyo Natural Museum of Science and the district of Shinjuku. Ueno was probably one of the largest parks I've ever been to, and also one of the prettiest. here are some of the snaps I took:   the… Continue reading Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 2)

Japan 2017: an Amateur’s guide

I've been a constant daydreamer when it came to imagining myself strolling on the streets of Tokyo. Ever since I was a kid, I've always been a fan of Japan's vibrant culture, its people, and most specially, Anime. Who would've thought that the day I've been dreaming of would finally come! I just came home… Continue reading Japan 2017: an Amateur’s guide

Travel Diaries of a Banker: Surigao 2016

The long weekend brought by All Souls and All Saints Day finally gave me and my Security Bank Georgetown family a chance to make our overdue summer outing happen. (Can I still call it "summer outing"? Haha) Our trip to Surigao was coordinated by Cdo Travel and Tours, a local travel agency which has cheap… Continue reading Travel Diaries of a Banker: Surigao 2016

Get In The Nest : The Most Instagrammable Party

Last night was one of the best parties I have ever attended. The Nest, the newest western-inspired restaurant to grace my humble Cagayan de Oro has finally opened its doors to bring maximum delight to Kagay-anons. I was privileged enough to win an exclusive VIP pass to the said event together with twenty-nine other lucky… Continue reading Get In The Nest : The Most Instagrammable Party

The Beauty That Is Cebu

Hello everyone! How I've missed writing to you guys and sharing my stuff here on WordPress. I've been pretty busy lately and I couldn't seem to find the time to even jot down an entry or two on my blog. I'm really sorry. However, this week is my Mandatory Scheduled Leave week so finally, after… Continue reading The Beauty That Is Cebu