Granny In Her 20’s: Everything local

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Summer has really arrived in our country since there haven't been much rains gracing us these past few weeks. Anyway, today I wanted to share a new favorite haul that I got the other week from our local department store here in the city. Deets below: Linen dress:… Continue reading Granny In Her 20’s: Everything local

Black is Back

Hi everyone! Wow, I can't believe it's already the second half of 2018 - July's been getting by pretty fast, don't you think? I haven't posted anything recently due to lack of inspiration and major happenings in my life, and I didn't want to post just for the sake of posting something. So yeah. Anyway,… Continue reading Black is Back

COMFORT KNOWS BEST: a Shoelala Ensemble

These days I've been stressed at work and I just want to laze around all weekend. You get that feeling where you just wanna take a stroll at the beach, feel the breeze on your face, and let the waves crash on to your feet, all the while ignoring the noise of the world? yup,… Continue reading COMFORT KNOWS BEST: a Shoelala Ensemble

Vintage Tita: Taking Tita-ness To The Next Level

Tita (noun; Hawaiian origin) - describes a woman of any race who is strong, independent, able think for herself, and fierce in a number of different ways; a woman who can hold her own and doesn't take any crap. Being labeled a Tita these days is something most women find endearing and maybe, proud. For… Continue reading Vintage Tita: Taking Tita-ness To The Next Level

Plum It Your Way: Pleats

Hey everyone. how have you all been fairing? It's nearly Christmas, less than fifty days left and I can already feel the Holiday rush as malls set up gigantic Christmas trees with all the beautiful lights and colors adorning them. I hope this is not just a time to celebrate and be merry with family… Continue reading Plum It Your Way: Pleats

A Touch of Quintessencial Elegance

For me, Style and Fashion are closely associated with Elegance. Audrey Hepburn is probably one of the few choicest women on the planet to be endowed with such grace and beauty to be hailed as the epitome of Quintessential elegance. I hope to become like her someday - a woman who uses her iconic influence… Continue reading A Touch of Quintessencial Elegance

Elegance is not understated

Hello there! I miss updating you, my dear readers, with what's been going on in my life. These days have been really hectic at work and at home that I can't find the strength anymore to post an entry or two. Anyway, so much for that. Here's an OOTD update from last Sunday's worship service.… Continue reading Elegance is not understated

Bluer than Blue

Blue is one of my many favorite colors. Its cool hue brings such a pleasant and relaxing feeling every time I lay my eyes on it. Whenever I wear Blue I can almost feel the waves of the sea thrashing at my feet.   Today we had a seminar for Security Bank's Personal Loan product-… Continue reading Bluer than Blue

Feathery Soft

Hello! I'm sorry for having missed posting on Project Grace last night. Personal reasons. I didn't want the thoughts on my entry be clouded with my issues and I also didn't want God's Word to be mixed up with my own feeble emotions. Tonight I will surely get back on track. Today's Saturday #ootd is… Continue reading Feathery Soft

Keep A Little Black Dress

Happy Sunday everyone! It's been a month since I last posted any #ootd, so for this warm Sunday morning I decided to wear an all black ensemble. Check it out:    I bought this dress from a thrift store downtown, and I like it for its comfort and knit-like texture.👍🏻❤️     Shoes: Solemate Neck piece:… Continue reading Keep A Little Black Dress