Granny In Her 20’s: Everything local

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Summer has really arrived in our country since there haven't been much rains gracing us these past few weeks. Anyway, today I wanted to share a new favorite haul that I got the other week from our local department store here in the city. Deets below: Linen dress:… Continue reading Granny In Her 20’s: Everything local

Forever Pink: Forever21

Good morning, guys! It's been months since I've been here. How are you all doing? I still can't believe that it's already the start of the Christmas season! A lot has been going in my life right now, what with a new job, a new company, and new colleagues. But God has been good, and… Continue reading Forever Pink: Forever21

Pretty in Pink For You

Hi everyone! Today is a gloomy Sunday morning, but it doesn't stop me from putting a bit of bright color to it. How are you all faring today? I hope you are well. Today's outfit-of-the-day pose is all about one color I think almost all girls love: PINK! ❤️ Deets below: I fell in love… Continue reading Pretty in Pink For You

Femme fatale: Forever21

Bodycon dresses have not been my favorite outfits - not that I don't like them- but I prefer oversized polo shirts or dresses rather than super fit clothes like these. Today however, I decided to break the monotony of tops and skirts and wear one. Deets below: Maroon 3/4 bodycon dress: Forever21 Flats : Solemate,… Continue reading Femme fatale: Forever21

Bluer than Blue

Blue is one of my many favorite colors. Its cool hue brings such a pleasant and relaxing feeling every time I lay my eyes on it. Whenever I wear Blue I can almost feel the waves of the sea thrashing at my feet.   Today we had a seminar for Security Bank's Personal Loan product-… Continue reading Bluer than Blue

Keep A Little Black Dress

Happy Sunday everyone! It's been a month since I last posted any #ootd, so for this warm Sunday morning I decided to wear an all black ensemble. Check it out:    I bought this dress from a thrift store downtown, and I like it for its comfort and knit-like texture.👍🏻❤️     Shoes: Solemate Neck piece:… Continue reading Keep A Little Black Dress

Saturday Blues and a Splash of Tangerine

I have always loved mixing Blue and Orange hues. Since the fame of Mint came to be, I have had a fascination for mixing a ton of colors with it. Here's my #OOTD for today's gloomy weather. 🙂 Dress |  I'm In Love with.. Derek Bag |  Ope Sneakers |  SM This midi skater dress came straight… Continue reading Saturday Blues and a Splash of Tangerine