Summer Bloom

After months of blogging hibernation, I'm back! How are you guys doing? A lot has been going on in my life on a daily basis especially at work, and I just didn't seem to have the quiet time to pour out my thoughts into writing so I decided I should detach myself altogether for a… Continue reading Summer Bloom


Summer Essential: Give It a Wrap!

Summer has officially begun and I've started my mini weekend trips to various beaches here in the city. (I hope you guys are all doing great by the way!) Being in a tropical country, especially in the Summer, can be all sorts of humid, sticky, and dehydrated sensations. Constant water therapy, sunblock lotion, and umbrellas… Continue reading Summer Essential: Give It a Wrap!

COMFORT KNOWS BEST: a Shoelala Ensemble

These days I've been stressed at work and I just want to laze around all weekend. You get that feeling where you just wanna take a stroll at the beach, feel the breeze on your face, and let the waves crash on to your feet, all the while ignoring the noise of the world? yup,… Continue reading COMFORT KNOWS BEST: a Shoelala Ensemble

Vintage Tita: Taking Tita-ness To The Next Level

Tita (noun; Hawaiian origin) - describes a woman of any race who is strong, independent, able think for herself, and fierce in a number of different ways; a woman who can hold her own and doesn't take any crap. Being labeled a Tita these days is something most women find endearing and maybe, proud. For… Continue reading Vintage Tita: Taking Tita-ness To The Next Level

Laces and 2018: Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! First of all, I would like to greet you all a very happy new year! I do hope your welcoming 2018 was nothing short of magical, fun, and memorable. There is always something refreshing when the New Year comes, don't you think? It is like saying, " let's begin with a fresh mind… Continue reading Laces and 2018: Happy New Year!

Slip for Comfort:Shoelala by Jane and Rein

Since time immemorial, Fashion has always been the same. The old goes, the new comes in, every single year. It's always been a matter of personal style that makes Fashion a very versatile and flexible statement to begin with. And speaking of style, I found me a new pair of slip-ons from a budding shoe… Continue reading Slip for Comfort:Shoelala by Jane and Rein

Metrobank Purple Hearts Fun Run For A Cause 2017

Hi everyone! I am very much pleased to share with you my first ever experience in joining an official fun run here in our city.  My employer, Metrobank, held its Eighteenth (18th) Annual Metrobank Purple Hearts (CDO chapter) Fun Run for a cause, with 5km and 10km coverages, this morning, the 3rd of December.Being a… Continue reading Metrobank Purple Hearts Fun Run For A Cause 2017