Crumbs of Society: A Hunchback and His Pushcart

(Photo not mine)

You know the countless heartbreaking images you see about starving street children, old people who are left dying in wherever, and bloodbaths in war infested places? Well, the experience I had last night didn’t come close to all of those, but the heartbreaking feeling was as surreal as when I see any of the situations mentioned above. It was about eight hundred thirty hours in the evening when me and my boyfriend saw him. 

We crossed the intersection from Mcdonalds And Xavier University. He was there- an eighty year old something man, back severely hunched, pushing what seemed to be a cart full of local streetfood he sells. He slowly passed by us, painstakingly pushing his load with every bit of strength he could muster. My heart was literally crushed, even Edmund’s. The scene that took place made us look over our shoulders again and again as the old man went farther away from us. 

We decided to buy three pieces of balut (chicks that are supposedly about to develop but are half-cooked instead) from him. I ran to him before he turned to a curb and stopped to ask how much it costs. He replied in a very low voice I had to stoop down a bit. He opened a cellophane and slowly took out three eggs. While he was at it, my tears just fell down like a waterfall. I had to hold them in before he saw my face. We gave him a hundred bucks and didn’t ask for the change. 

I thought to myself, these old people shouldn’t work anymore. Where were their family? Their sons or daughters? Why do they have to leave their fathers and mothers like this? They should be in their homes right now, relaxed, feet up on the couch and watching TV. 

I wish to be able to help people like them in the future. I seriously don’t want my parents to end up like that – no family nor friends – it’s unbearable I can’t even begin to imagine. I hope young ones shouldn’t make fun of those people – they who are often called “the crumbs of society”. 

If you guys know any of his relatives, please contact them and tell them to take him in.

My chest still hurts while I’m writing this. I have to end now before I well up again.

Pretty in Pink For You

Hi everyone! Today is a gloomy Sunday morning, but it doesn’t stop me from putting a bit of bright color to it. How are you all faring today? I hope you are well. Today’s outfit-of-the-day pose is all about one color I think almost all girls love: PINK! ❤️

Deets below:

I fell in love with this winged Baby pink dress from the moment I saw it online. I found it when local online seller Gospell Shean Zablan  put it up on her account for sale. For just P295.00 or $6, free of shipping, I was already able to nab this beauty.

Necklace: Ororama Department Store

Bracelet: given

I love the effect of the winged sleeves on the overall look of the dress. The way they flow just below the elbows make me feel like a princess.

Doll shoes: SM Parisian

I opted to wear flats instead of heels today since it was drizzling a bit, and i didn’t want to get cold feet just because my toes are exposed.

One of the cute details of the dress are the bowties just at the start of the slits on the elbows. They make the dress look all the more girly. ❤️

I hope you all had a fun-filled Sunday today! God bless us as we start this week and may we always  be aware of Him every moment of our lives. Ciao!

Celebrate Life: Be Bold in Prints!

Hi everyone! I know, I know. I haven’t been writing for quite some time now and I’ve missed on so many days of update. Juggling work, home and church duties has got me topsy turvy these past few months due to the many activities we’ve had. At any rate, I’m still here, guys. Please show me some love again and I hope you won’t hit the unfollow button. 😭

It’s been so long since I last posted about fashion, so here’s a fresh look on what I wore for this Sunday’s service.


Turtleneck top: Nakedclothingph (check them out on Instagram)

Bold printed neoprene midi skirt: thelushcloset (check them out on Instagram)

Doll shoes: Gaisano mall

As you may have noticed in almost all of my outfit posts, I rarely wear designer/branded clothing. The mere fact that they are unreasonably pricy plus you can, on so many occasions, buy alternative pieces at a much cheaper rate are pretty much the two major reasons why I don’t buy one.

Summer is just around the corner although mornings and evenings are still a bit chilly. This vibrant neoprene midiskirt is the perfect piece to wear on a hot summer day! I already wore this piece here.


I kept my accessories to a minimum. A watch, a necklace, and a trusty Unisilver pair of bracelet and ring are enough for this OOTD.

The necklace is a two-chained heart and infinity which was a Valentines’ day gift from my boyfriend. 😊

Never be afraid to wear loud prints from time to time. All it takes is a little bit of mix and match of neutrals and prints and voila, you are ready to face any day! Always remember to put on a smile as you flaunt your outfits of the day. It adds a lot more than just style. It adds attitude. Have a great week ahead!

New Year’s Eve: A Golden Night

Hello everyone! How have you all been? I’m really sorry for being on hiatus for about a month or so. Work has been demanding and a lot of preparations were done due to the many, MANY  party invitations. I can’t believe it’s already New Year’s Eve! 2016 sure has flown by quite fast, don’t you think? Oh how I’ve missed writing on this blog again after what seemed like eons. I hope you are all having a wonderful time this evening with your families and friends as you welcome 2017. Tonight i’ve donned a simple ensemble as my OOTD for page 1 of another 365 days. Deets below:

I went for mild earth tone colours. Gold glitter top from Gaisano, culottes pants from IG shop Fashionhubmanila, and flats from SM Parisian.

I love how the simplicity of this look can actually make for a nightout or a simple dinner with family and friends.

The top is actually decorated with gold glitter albeit not too visible. Pair it with a simple statement necklace and voila!

I thank God first and foremost for bringing me through this year full of ups and downs. I cannot count how many times He has helped me in the past year, and now a new one is about to come. His mercy and grace sustained me and my family, and I am sure his faithfulness will continue to follow us as we step into 2017. May yours be prosperous and full of love and blessings! Thank you all for being a part of my 2016.




Cusina Higala: A Touch of Filipino Modern Cuisine

If you’re looking for a restaurant that is every bit as instagram worthy as it is gastronomic, Cusina Higala is the place to be. Located in Capistrano- Mabini Sts. Cagayan de Oro, it is previously known to many as Thai Me Up. The management decided to reconceptualize its whole look and focus  from Thai to Filipino food, making it more appealing to city locals like myself. 

Here are some of the shots I took from my first visit:

As you can see, the place is very spacious and dainty. With carefully selected decorations, the ambience matches a typical 1970s to 1980s restaurant.

Cusina Higala has an upper wing to which we were fortunate enough to have for ourselves. I love the choice of pink, white, and earth colors for the furniture. All are complementary to one another to stimulate any person’s appetite.

The owners are quite artsy with their vintage pieces. 

(Isn’t the wash area near the restroom beautiful? It was so lovely to behold)

The food was scrumptious. Everything Filipino was present in all their dishes. The price of entrees starts at a minimum of P150.00 – which is reasonable considering that the restaurant offers comfort, leisure, and bragging rights (lol no kidding).

Cusina Higala should be a part of your must-see food destinations. You will definitely frequent the place once you have tasted their Filipino-Modern cuisines. It is regularly open Mondays to Sundays starting at 1 pm onwards.



Travel Diaries of a Banker: Surigao 2016

The long weekend brought by All Souls and All Saints Day finally gave me and my Security Bank Georgetown family a chance to make our overdue summer outing happen. (Can I still call it “summer outing”? Haha) Our trip to Surigao was coordinated by Cdo Travel and Tours, a local travel agency which has cheap tour packages good for backpackers. We concentrated our time on three places namely: Tinuy-an Falls, the Enchanted River, and Britania Group of Islands. Below are some snippets and details of our short escapade (credit is given to whom credit is due). Enjoy!

The Itinerary: we travelled by Van at around 12 midnight last Friday, the 28th of October. Our meeting place was at Dunkin Donuts Divisoria, the usual and most common of all meeting places in the city. Our land trip took a good six to seven hours. We arrived in Surigao around 6 AM in the morning of Saturday.

First stop: Tinuy-an Falls

Thanks to the rainy season, Tinuy-an Falls showed its prowess and force to its humble audience. It actually looked like a staircase – it had three levels from which free flowing water passed through. The cottage we stayed in costed us P300, and there were souvenir items displayed just outside the entrance of the Falls.

The caretakers of Tinuy-an Falls have a small raft where 10 people can row towards the falls for P150.00 only.

Obligatory couple photo. 😜

(C) Ria Gonzaga

(C) Ria Gonzaga

(C) Ria Gonzaga

We stayed for an hour or two before proceeding to our next stop – the Ocean View Park and International Doll House located in Bislig City, barangay Cumawas. Owned and managed by Mr. And Mrs. Werner Willimann, the Doll house and the Ocean View Park has garnered a lot of visits from local and foreign tourists alike. There is an entrance fee of P20.00, and you have to leave your shoes and / or slippers outside so as not to make the floor of the dollhouse dirty. If you are hungry, worry no more. The Park has a restaurant that offers affordable and delicious meals to choose from.

These dolls are already considered Collectors’ items. The tour guide explainedhow some of the dolls’ hair were actually taken from the real strand of celebrities from which they were copied from.


(Barbies around the world)

The Willimanns also have some vintage car collections which I think many car enthusiasts will find cute.

(View from the deck)

Our last stop for Saturday before we proceeded to our hotel was the Enchanted River in Talisay, Hinatuan. Not that I wasn’t able, but I decided not to take photos of the place because the crowds were just a mess. I wouldn’t do it any justice. It was humid, I was grumpy, and the people just kept on coming in. When we took a look at the River, it was already murky, and we decided not to swim anymore.

We traveled to our hotel in O’s Landing Resort in Britania at around 2 PM in the afternoon, a little early than the initial plan of 3 PM to avoid any chance of rain. There was a small sidewalk park somewhere down the road where we took quick snaps. It’s a good place to reflect and enjoy the sea breeze.

The hotel. O’s Landing Resort was just one of the many strips of resorts located in Britania. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the place was quaint – a little simple, but just right for an overnight stay. They had rooms good for 10 people so it was fairly easy to decide which ones were staying in one room. Edmund and I were separated from the rest. We enjoined a group of girls from Iligan, Zamboanga, and Oroqueta. 

(Our cute villa. 😊)

A view of the ocean and the sunset to cap off the tiring land trip is every bit of perfection an exhausted traveler needs.

The Second Day: Britania Group of Islands

We took an early boat ride to the islands that Sunday morning. The sea was calm, the sun was just coming up, but the clouds were helpful enough to give a little bit of gloom and shade to lessen the harmful UV rays.

We went to three islands to catch some small waves. There were also souvenir items available so it wasn’t hard for us to pick what to bring home. I decided to buy a pen holder and a small kitchen chopping board for my mom.

Quick sand doodle. 😉

The new friends we met during the trip: (left to right) Elleo, Hyacinth, Nizza, and Eve. Such a happy bunch. 😊

(C) Hyacinth Baloncio

(C) Eve Marey

Overall, i think I’ll give Surigao a 3 stars out of 5. A good place to unwind  and relax, but not necessarily a “wow” factor. Even so, it’s a must see. I think I may be able to go back there someday but will move to Siargao, the Surfing Capital of the Philippines.