Pretty in Pink For You

Hi everyone! Today is a gloomy Sunday morning, but it doesn’t stop me from putting a bit of bright color to it. How are you all faring today? I hope you are well. Today’s outfit-of-the-day pose is all about one color I think almost all girls love: PINK! ❤️

Deets below:

I fell in love with this winged Baby pink dress from the moment I saw it online. I found it when local online seller Gospell Shean Zablan  put it up on her account for sale. For just P295.00 or $6, free of shipping, I was already able to nab this beauty.

Necklace: Ororama Department Store

Bracelet: given

I love the effect of the winged sleeves on the overall look of the dress. The way they flow just below the elbows make me feel like a princess.

Doll shoes: SM Parisian

I opted to wear flats instead of heels today since it was drizzling a bit, and i didn’t want to get cold feet just because my toes are exposed.

One of the cute details of the dress are the bowties just at the start of the slits on the elbows. They make the dress look all the more girly. ❤️

I hope you all had a fun-filled Sunday today! God bless us as we start this week and may we always  be aware of Him every moment of our lives. Ciao!

Celebrate Life: Be Bold in Prints!

Hi everyone! I know, I know. I haven’t been writing for quite some time now and I’ve missed on so many days of update. Juggling work, home and church duties has got me topsy turvy these past few months due to the many activities we’ve had. At any rate, I’m still here, guys. Please show me some love again and I hope you won’t hit the unfollow button. 😭

It’s been so long since I last posted about fashion, so here’s a fresh look on what I wore for this Sunday’s service.


Turtleneck top: Nakedclothingph (check them out on Instagram)

Bold printed neoprene midi skirt: thelushcloset (check them out on Instagram)

Doll shoes: Gaisano mall

As you may have noticed in almost all of my outfit posts, I rarely wear designer/branded clothing. The mere fact that they are unreasonably pricy plus you can, on so many occasions, buy alternative pieces at a much cheaper rate are pretty much the two major reasons why I don’t buy one.

Summer is just around the corner although mornings and evenings are still a bit chilly. This vibrant neoprene midiskirt is the perfect piece to wear on a hot summer day! I already wore this piece here.


I kept my accessories to a minimum. A watch, a necklace, and a trusty Unisilver pair of bracelet and ring are enough for this OOTD.

The necklace is a two-chained heart and infinity which was a Valentines’ day gift from my boyfriend. 😊

Never be afraid to wear loud prints from time to time. All it takes is a little bit of mix and match of neutrals and prints and voila, you are ready to face any day! Always remember to put on a smile as you flaunt your outfits of the day. It adds a lot more than just style. It adds attitude. Have a great week ahead!

New Year’s Eve: A Golden Night

Hello everyone! How have you all been? I’m really sorry for being on hiatus for about a month or so. Work has been demanding and a lot of preparations were done due to the many, MANY  party invitations. I can’t believe it’s already New Year’s Eve! 2016 sure has flown by quite fast, don’t you think? Oh how I’ve missed writing on this blog again after what seemed like eons. I hope you are all having a wonderful time this evening with your families and friends as you welcome 2017. Tonight i’ve donned a simple ensemble as my OOTD for page 1 of another 365 days. Deets below:

I went for mild earth tone colours. Gold glitter top from Gaisano, culottes pants from IG shop Fashionhubmanila, and flats from SM Parisian.

I love how the simplicity of this look can actually make for a nightout or a simple dinner with family and friends.

The top is actually decorated with gold glitter albeit not too visible. Pair it with a simple statement necklace and voila!

I thank God first and foremost for bringing me through this year full of ups and downs. I cannot count how many times He has helped me in the past year, and now a new one is about to come. His mercy and grace sustained me and my family, and I am sure his faithfulness will continue to follow us as we step into 2017. May yours be prosperous and full of love and blessings! Thank you all for being a part of my 2016.




Elegance is not understated

Hello there! I miss updating you, my dear readers, with what’s been going on in my life. These days have been really hectic at work and at home that I can’t find the strength anymore to post an entry or two. Anyway, so much for that.

Here’s an OOTD update from last Sunday’s worship service. These are all thrifted finds so they’re really brandless, except for the shoes and accessories:

Wedge doll shoes | GIBI

I love the style of this white top. It comes in 2 textures: the front is petal-like, while the dorsal is silky smooth. The peplum skirt matches well with it. 

Statement necklace | Ororama

You can never go wrong with anything black and white. They are both elegant colors, no matter what the style of your outfit is. 

I hope you’re having a great midweek! 

Ripped and Rugged

Hi there. Today’s a Sunday but I just want to share with you guys my #ootd for last Saturday’s casual day on errand runnings and mall hoppings. Deets below:

3/4 loongsleeve bodycon top | Gaisano

Distressed bf jeans | @dressmeupcdo (IG)

Sneakers | Solemate by SM

Fatigue sling bag | sponsored by Tita

I love how casual and rugged this whole ensemble is without compromising style and comfort.

The whole look costs less than 800 bucks total, so I can honestly say everything was worth my money.

I hope you’re having a great Sunday afternoon ahead! Steer clear of open areas that are exposed to the Sun’s harmful rays. 😊

Elegance Is Key

Hi everyone. It’s been quite a while since I flooded my blog with any outfit post, so here’s my take on elegance on a casual Saturday. 😊

Floral top | Dhaoria (Korea)

Square pants | Gaisano (Local)

This textured sleeveless top was given to me by my aunt from Korea. I loved the whole feel and look of this piece. It has floral embroidery on it which makes it look all the more dainty. 

The square pants were one of my good finds in Gaisano, a local mall here in the city. For just $2.00, I bought myself an elegant pair of trousers I can use in any occasion. 😊

Today I’ll be having my 2nd shot of cervical cancer vaccine. Ladies, please avail this service at your local hospital. Prevention is always better than cure.

I hope you lot are having a wonderful sunny Saturday ahead. Cheers to the weekend! 😊👍🏻

Wear It Loud!

Summer is about to end for us here in the tropics, and what better way to close this wonderful and adventurous season than to wear a midi skirt that says “summer” all over it? Check it out:

Katy top and Neoprene midi skirt | thelushcloset (IG)

Wedge sandals | Payless Shoesource

I have had quite a delay getting the top and skirt from the online shop I’ve been transacting with, but all is well, and I am, as always, satisfied with their quality. The sandals were bought 2 years ago (I think) and they’re still in good condition which means, Payless Shoesource is a trustworthy footwear boutique.

I definitely fell in love with the midi skirt. The prints are really pretty, it’s lightweight,plus, the neoprene material of the skirt does not need ironi all the time. (Definitely saves up time and electricity!)

I also like the lazy top I bought from the same online shop. It’s actually long and has side slits at unproportioned lengths.

Today was really really hot for the most part, tht’s why I decided to wear a soft cottony top to help lessen humidity. I hope you guys are having a great weekend.