Metrobank Purple Hearts Fun Run For A Cause 2017

Hi everyone! I am very much pleased to share with you my first ever experience in joining an official fun run here in our city.  My employer, Metrobank, held its Eighteenth (18th) Annual Metrobank Purple Hearts (CDO chapter) Fun Run for a cause, with 5km and 10km coverages, this morning, the 3rd of December.Being a… Continue reading Metrobank Purple Hearts Fun Run For A Cause 2017

Bohemian White: Being Thrifty without cutting on Style

I've never been a fan of mall shopping, especially on branded clothing. Yes, it is good to associate yourself with brands every once in a while, but you need to cut yourself some slack if it means spending a thousand pesos for a single dress. Today's OOTD is one that I got from a local… Continue reading Bohemian White: Being Thrifty without cutting on Style

Forever 26, Forever Thankful

Turning twenty-six is like any other normal day in your life. You wake up at 6 AM, check your phone, take a bath, have breakfast, and finally, you're off to work. And it's the same thing everyday. Personally, I don't feel any difference in the way I carry myself, the way I dress or talk,… Continue reading Forever 26, Forever Thankful

Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 5 and 6)

Hello everyone! I am heartily sorry for not having posted in a while. I was a bit busy juggling work, home, and community activities and most days I was just too tired to post. Fret not, this will be my last update on my recent Japan trip since this is the last highlight. So, let's… Continue reading Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 5 and 6)

Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 2)

(Continued...) Our Second day in Japan consisted of lengthy walks in the Ueno Park and Zoo, the Tokyo Natural Museum of Science and the district of Shinjuku. Ueno was probably one of the largest parks I've ever been to, and also one of the prettiest. here are some of the snaps I took:   the… Continue reading Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 2)

Japan 2017: an Amateur’s guide

I've been a constant daydreamer when it came to imagining myself strolling on the streets of Tokyo. Ever since I was a kid, I've always been a fan of Japan's vibrant culture, its people, and most specially, Anime. Who would've thought that the day I've been dreaming of would finally come! I just came home… Continue reading Japan 2017: an Amateur’s guide

Pretty in Pink For You

Hi everyone! Today is a gloomy Sunday morning, but it doesn't stop me from putting a bit of bright color to it. How are you all faring today? I hope you are well. Today's outfit-of-the-day pose is all about one color I think almost all girls love: PINK! ❤️ Deets below: I fell in love… Continue reading Pretty in Pink For You