Blurred Lines

This is something that’s been bothering me for the longest time. Today, We are living in a society that is accepting and open to everyone’s version of the truth. Gender equality is one of those so-called truths. This is a very sensitive topic which causes a lot of division among us to the point that some would go even as far as hurting others for their ideals.

In this post I just want to air out my opinion on the recent news of a transgender woman who was dragged outside of a female Comfort Room by the security of a certain mall in Cubao because s/he is a trans.

First off, what is a transgender?

1. Definition
According to Webster, transgender is: of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity differs from the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth;

It’s a person who does not acknowledge his biological set up, identifying himself or herself as someone from the opposite sex.

2. The ongoing confusion

The LGBT community has become so diversified, so to speak, that it has extended its name to LGBTQIA+ community. I honestly don’t know the scope that QIA+ encompasses. And I think that’s one of the many confusions of this group. It has become so broad that I think anyone who’s still in the stage of questioning his or her own identity is already part and parcel of it.

3. Blurred lines

With regards to the news I’ve just mentioned, a large chunk of the LGBTQIA + community was enraged by this discriminating act. I’ve seen a lot of hateful comments on Facebook, condemning the personnel of that mall and calling her all sorts of foul words. But come to think of it, how do you draw the line on these issues? Some of us may not know, but there are a lot of cases abroad where transgender women sexually assaulted biological women in female comfort rooms because they claim to be “she” and therefore they can invoke their rights to use the restroom intended for women. I know this is a two way street. There are also transgender men who were assaulted by straight men because they think that they are still girls. How blurry can the lines get?

4. How to deal with it all?

I’m speaking from a conservative Christian point of view. So, most of you may think that I am transphobic and a bigot. I won’t quote any Bible verse anymore, instead, I will say what I’ve learned and internalized as a conservative believer. Frankly speaking, I will always have my apprehensions towards this community because their ideals and ways of thinking are unnatural for me. But the only Christian thing we can do now is to at least respect, or for want of a better term, tolerate each other. For the most part, we have tolerated the LGBTQIA+ community these past several years as they were coming out, but we conservative Christians also demand the same treatment. You have fought for your rights. Let us also fight for ours. you do not have to trample over us just because we don’t agree to your opinions. It’s so disheartening to hear of so many of my brothers and sisters being threatened by members of this community just because they don’t lend them their services because it goes against their religious upbringing.

I guess that’s just about it. Give me your thoughts.

One thought on “Blurred Lines

  1. I know that you’re a devout Christian and had been taught that a male is a male and female is a female. I’m sorry you feel like your beliefs are being trampled or you’re getting bad treatment, maybe from some allies or members of the LGBTQ++ themselves. But here’s my point of view as a person who knows some trangender/transitioning people.

    A lot of the transgenders that I know of has become happier as they started their transition. It’s not an easy process as many people does not understand what is going on with them and why they would want to change themselves. Undergoing the transition entails a lot of mental and physical energy as the person has to deal with change how they look and how people perceive their slow change. They wanna feel accepted and be called their preferred name and be identified with their gender. I can’t speak for all transgenders or allies but many are actually tolerant towards people who are not accepting or does not understand them. They understand that it’s a concept that may sound foreign and it’s gonna take time for many people to understand.


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