This is my little nook

Hi everyone! My name is Iva Grenia Clarito. I am sometimes called”Bambi”, which is my nickname, but most of the time I’m just called Iva. I’m trying to revamp my blog little by little for less clutter and more quality content, so please bear with me. I’m a banker by profession, but I’m also an artist, a musician, and a start-up photographer. I’m someone who loves fashion very much and it’s been an integral part of my growing up years. But, I am keenly aware that fashion is sometimes an expensive vice. That’s why I hope to share with you my style haul ideas without breaking your budget in this blog. I am also fond of travelling. I’ve been to a lot of places here and abroad and I would like to keep this tradition going- to always discover new countries, new cultures, and new people. Stay with me in this tiny blogosphere and let’s share our lightbulb ideas about Fashion and Travel. ❤️



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