Skin Care 101: USANA Celavive

Hi everyone! First off, I’d like to greet you all a happy 2019, albeit a bit late. I hope the first two months have been good to you. 2018 was one heck of a bumpy ride for some of us, I know. Can’t say I didn’t experience it, too. Anyway, this post is something out of my usual fashion and travel snips. Yup, you read it right, it’s all about skin care.

As most people know, I really have no idea what skin care was all about. For the past 27 years of my existence I only knew one thing to use on my face when cleaning it: soap. I didn’t understand the terms like, cleansers, toners, serums, and all that.

Fortunately, a colleague of mine encouraged me to become a member of USANA, a leading food supplement and health care company which had a skin care line called Celavive. With a variety of products, Celavive uses USANA’s Incelligence Technology with targeted botanicals and bioactive peptides to support cellular communications that promote a beautiful, younger-looking appearance – in short, Celavive treats your skin to the core.

I just got my package the other day and I want to share with you guys the different products included. Deets below:

1. Creamy Foam Cleanser

This one helps clean your face from make up residues, oil, and dirt stuck in your face during the whole day. What’s nice about this cleanser is that you only have to put a pea-size amount on your face since it has such a rich lather already.

2. Perfecting Toner

This toner helps thoroughly remove remaining makeup and dirt on your face after applying the Creamy Foam Cleanser. What I like about this toner is that it doesn’t sting and hurt as much as other local toners around. It’s mild and gentle to my face.

3. Vitalizing Serum

Next on the list is their famous Vitalizing Serum. This one really make my skin feeling soft and smooth already.

4. Hydrating Eye Essence

After cleansing, toning, and vitalizing, it’s now time to hydrate. This product specifically targets the eye area on one’s face to help keep the panda eyes away.

5. Replenishing Night Gel / Moisturizing Day Gel

Depending on what time you do skin care, it’s best to moisturize after cleansing, toning, revitalizing, and hydrating. I usually do my routine night and day so I can be protected all throughout.

Overall, I can say that Usana Celavive is worth your money. My face never felt cleaner and fresher than it did now thanks to this awesome skin care line. Take time to test out some of their serums, lotions, and other products since you can purchase them individually. Let me know if you have other skin care products worth trying in the comments below! Always remember to take care of your skin because it’s the only armor your body has.



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