I’m back in my atmosphere. Hi everyone. I hope you haven’t ditched my blog because I haven’t had any post for the past couple of months. *cries* I know I shouldn’t make work an excuse to not be able to at least share something, but lately it has been very demanding of my schedule, and the creative juices were just not with me for the past two or so months. So here I am, trying to make amends for lost time and memories I could’ve posted on my tiny blogosphere.

A little bit of update: our bank, Metrobank, has won the recently concluded Cagayan de Oro Orobankers K-pop Dance Craze last September 30, 2018. It was my first time joining a team of dancers to represent our company, and winning the championship was totally euphoric. All the late night practices, the injuries (I had a couple of minor sprains (knee and ankle) due to the overworking of the legs in the routine, but all is well), and the hard work paid off. So hooray for that!

Also, last August, me, my mom and my dad, went to Jakarta, Indonesia to visit our family friends who have been asking us to go see them for so long. This is what I like about Filipinos in general – we are everywhere all across the globe! And what great timing, since Jakarta actually welcomed us with the opening of the Asian Games. The traffic was amazing – it’s like all of the streets had no room for more cars.

Let me share with you the places we visited during our stay:

We stayed at the Belleza Apartment in Hijau, Jakarta which was at the heart of the city. I loved the facts that it had a tennis court, a badminton court, and an outdoor pool for the residents’ free use.LRM_EXPORT_268718241139725_20181103_173338035davsdrdav

  1. Sea World

On our first day of sightseeing, we went to the Sea World Indonesia – a sizable aquarium which was home to  a variety of sea creatures in North Jakarta. Here are some of the outtakes I got:


They also have a spacious pond inside the vicinity decorated with a lot of botanical beauties.


2. Taman Safari

The next day we woke up extra early at around 4 in the morning to go to Taman Safari – a beautiful habitat for wildlife with many tourist attractions for the young and old. If you’re from the Philippines, it’s much like Baguio because it’s surrounded by mountains and the breeze is just pleasantly cool.


In the middle of our tour we watched a splendid drama production of a Wild Wild West of the sorts play. The stunts were amazing, and some animals were even part of the whole charade which was very amusing! This one right here is one of the Indian actors in the play.


You can actually feed the animals with carrots (good for the different species of deer, cows, giraffes, and camels), but you should not ever, ever let out your hand when you’re in lion or tiger territories or you’ll leave without a hand. There are warning signs everywhere around the area because these wild ones freely roam the grounds.

3. Panda Sanctuary

Just a few meters from the Taman Safari is the Panda Sanctuary where two gigantic pandas, Cai Tao and Hu Chun,  were currently staying. They were actually lent by China to Indonesia for Diplomacy’s sake, so it’s just normal to actually build them a mansion for their comfortable living.




4. Ikea

Who would want to miss Ikea? I was hands down to visiting this place during our second to the last day because of the many awesome interior designs featured from this store in many magazines.


5. Gandaria City

On our last night, we decided to take a tour of this grandiose of a mall, Gandaria City, and we were met by a wide array of stores, food, and life-size statues inside.


this is so weird in person, I swear.

My stay in Jakarta was very short because I was only allowed a few days leave from work. My parents though, extended and celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary there. Overall, I can say that Jakarta is a generally peaceful place which any traveler, whether solo or in a group, can really enjoy. Next stop I’m definitely going to visit Bali.

If ever you’ll go there, make sure to always where comfortable and cool clothing. Much like the Philippines, it is a tropical country and it can get really humid during the day.

I hope this will be a good itinerary for anyone wanting to visit Jakarta in 4 days or less.

Til the next country, friends!

P.s. I’m excited as a kid for next year because I’m finally going to another one of my favorite countries. Clue? it’s the land of Oppas and Noonas. 😉



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