Cherry Bombs

Although it’s been raining crazy for the past couple of weeks here in the city, I always end up wearing summer dresses. I guess I’m just missing the beach way too much and I can’t wait to set my foot on sandy dunes again, or just the mere thought of seeing flowers in full bloom on a hot summer’s day.

Anyway, another fashion post coming up. Deets below:

Wrap around dress: @vainillaph

Sling bag: SMparisian

Flats: SMsolemate

This sling bag from SM Parisian comes in a variety of neutral colors. I love this one particularly because I can pair it with anything.

I have always been a frequent customer of @Vainillaph (check her shop on Instagram) simply because of the quality dresses she sells and the impeccable customer service.

I ordered this cherry bomb wrap around dress last weekend and it came right to my doorstep the following Monday!

These simple yet adorable slip ons from SM Solemate are the epitome of comfort and style. I love how they exude such Tricia Gosingtian vibes. (I love you forever, Tricia G!)

Stay indoors everyone!

I’m excited to embark on another international trip next month! Will keep you guys posted about it soon. 😉



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