Siargoals 2018: A Travel Guide

Hi guys! This post has been long overdue. I’m excited to share with you my most recent beach trips in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao!

Ever since Bora’s rehabilitation project, almost everyone has been flying down south to Mindanao dying to get to great beaches and sandy dunes. Luckily, my boyfriend and I were able to book our vacation easily with Enroute Travel and Tours by Marjorie Tan. We availed a joiners tour with Cagayan de Oro as the departure point going to Surigao. To know more about their local and international packages, click on the link above. šŸ‘

Going to Surigao:

Our trip was set for May 11-13, our anniversary weekend, so we went via land on the evening of May 10 at around o eight hundred hours (8:00 p.m.) to be able to catch the early ferry at 5 in the morning the next day. The night trip was smooth enough and we were early by almost 3 hours since there was not so much traffic and check points when we passed through Butuan and then Surigao. Upon arrival at the ferry port, we proceeded to booking our ferry tickets. Here’s the breakdown:

Angel Shipping Lines

Economy B: P300.00

Economy A: P320.00

Business class: P320.00

Mabuhay class (premium): P350.00

If I were you, I’d pick Economy A, which is in the upper deck with open air. The business class is cramped up in the lower deck and if you’re prone to sea sickness, an enclosed space like that is definitely not for you.

While in Siargao:

The barge sailed to Dapa Port in Siargao at 5:30 a.m. and it was a 3-hour journey. We arrived at Siargao around 8:30 a.m. and were picked up by the travel agency’s tour van.

We immediately went to Magpupungko Tidal Pool, our first stop in the tour, which was a good forty-minute drive away from Dapa. I was happy that the roads we have taken are passable and cemented already.

If you haven’t gotten any breakfast from Butuan or Surigao city, there are a lot of food stalls or karenderya just outside Magpupungko. Almost all of them sell homemade meals so I’m pretty sure you will like them all the same.

After lunch, we then proceeded to our 2nd stop, Sugba Lagoon. It’s hidden inside an array of mangrove forests just beyond the Dapa Tourism Center in Del Carmen. If you want to rent lifejackets, you can rent them for P50.00. Paddle boards range up to P300.00 per hour. The Diving Board is free but you have to wait due to the long queues.

After what seemed to be a long day we finally went back to General Luna where our accommodation was so we can rest. We stayed at Ronaldo’s Inn and Restobar. It’s a quaint inn with the rooms in a separate building just behind the restobar. Breakfast is free for the whole duration of your stay.

On our first night we took a leisurely stroll in General Luna’s Beachfront Boulevard. It’s just a few blocks away from the town hall with lots of food tiangges to choose from. Foreigners totally dig the whole idea of eating with bare hands. šŸ˜Š

During our 2nd day we went island hopping to Naked, Daku, and Guyam islands. If you don’t want to get sunburned, please wear rashguard especially in Naked Island. You’ll see why in the photos below:

Naked – It literally is just a strip of island with no trees for shade, much like Camiguin’s White Island. The waters, though, were pristine as ever.

Daku was probably one of the prettier islands than the other two. We had our picnic lunch served with fresh seafood and grilled goodies. I also got to do a mini swimsuit shoot with my lovely two piece from @kikayneedsoverload (check them out on Instagram!)

One thing good about joiners tours is that you get to meet people from all walks of life, sometimes people taking the same path as you. We met a fellow banker from Union Bank, Louie and his girlfriend Pamela, a backoffice staff at Philippine Airlines. We also met Australian nationals Sharina, Christian, and Dave- the first two being half Filipinos. I regret not having taken any pictures with these lovely people.

Guyam was also a beauty but it was smaller compared to Daku.

Lastly, we went to the famous Boardwalk in Cloud 9, where surfer guys and gals were busy treading the ocean waves with their boards. If you want to try your luck with surfing, price is at P500.00 per hour with personal instructor. We didn’t try though ‘coz we thought it was kinda expensive for just an hour’s worth of surfing.

When we finally went back to our hostel to retire for the night, Edmund amd I decided to try checking out the night life of the island. We went to Kermit, one of Siargao’s famous restaurants. We decided to have dinner at Ronaldo’s first instead of having it there since the lines took forever to finish. The night still being young, we rented out bicycles from Dad’s Creation souvenir shop for only P100.00 each for a whole day’s use and rode our way to Rum Bar, where many foreigners and local tourists alike jam and party with booze. As explained by our tour guide, Siargao schedules its parties in different restos and bars everyday to distribute the income.

The third day was Goodbye Siargao day, and it was bittersweet. We had an early morning mini OOTD shoot before heading out to the ferry port:

Top – Beauty Fashion House by Marie Jan Pacana

Skirt – Tinda Sitas

Sandals – Shoe La La

I surely miss the chill and laid back island vibe from Siargao. It’s one of those places where you can just be yourself, do things at your own pace, and no one will judge you.

If you haven’t gone there yet, book your vacation now with Enroute Travel and Tours for hassle free and efficient service!

Til our next travel,


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