Bohemian White: Being Thrifty without cutting on Style

I’ve never been a fan of mall shopping, especially on branded clothing. Yes, it is good to associate yourself with brands every once in a while, but you need to cut yourself some slack if it means spending a thousand pesos for a single dress. Today’s OOTD is one that I got from a local thrift store or “tiangge” as we Filipinos call it, here in the city.

check out below:


This is a princess-cut bohemian dress I bought for Php180.00 or more or less than $4. If you want to look for something unique to wear, always go to a “tiangge”. Sometimes they even sell branded sweaters, dresses, and overruns for as low as Php50-100 or less than $2!


pumps: Rusty Lopez from Robinsons Department Store

I really love the design of the dress because you can wear it either with flats or heels, it totally depends on your mood. Plus, white is a very flexible color so you can pair it up with almost anything. The frilled laces add that bohemian touch to this piece which can certainly give you that beach-feel.


I also love the fact that it brings out the tan in my skin color because of the contrasting white. Like most teenage girls before I felt some sort of disgust every time I look at myself with my “morena” skin. Now that I’m a lot older, I’ve come to appreciate it more. I feel proud that I’m the type of brown-skinned girl who can wear almost any color.

Anyway, I hope you have a peaceful and smooth celebration of All Souls and All Saints Days. Don’t squeeze yourself in cemeteries because there’ll surely be throngs of people visiting their loved ones. Oh, and a Happy Halloween!



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