Street Style Sophisticute

I’d have to borrow one of Tricia Gosingtian ‘s many coined words from one of her various stages of fashion evolution throughout the years: “Sophisticute“. In today’s #OOTD I wanted to channel that inner cute child in me while still maintaining a sort of rugged look for the weekend. Check out below!:


Assymetrical off-shoulder top: Beauty and Fashion House


Jeans: thrifted.

I love how these pants fit snugly to my legs and thighs. Can you believe I got these for less than $2 only? So much for a steal!


Stan Smith Sneakers: Adidas

You can change the whole feel of your look either when you let your hair up or down. Letting your hair hang loose pretty much exudes a more rebel kind of attitude while putting it in a lowback ponytail is more girly and elegant at the same time. 


The top is from a local fashion boutique here in the city which sells apparels for wholesale prices. Same price as the jeans, ladies. That’s why it definitely is one of my Go-To shops here in the city. If you are from  Cagayan de Oro and you happen to stumble upon this fashion post, do well to visit them near Grand Central in Pabayo St. I love how I can comfortably move around without having to compromise my “fashionista” side.

I hope you had a wonderful Saturday.

Goodnight, loves!



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