Forever Pink: Forever21

Good morning, guys! It’s been months since I’ve been here. How are you all doing? I still can’t believe that it’s already the start of the Christmas season! A lot has been going in my life right now, what with a new job, a new company, and new colleagues. But God has been good, and He has helped me transition to this new chapter in my journey. So much for that, today is another OOTD day. Take a look! Deets below:

Pink flowy dress: Forever21 Philippines

Gladiator flats: SM Parisian

Sling bag: SM Parisian

I loved this dress from the moment I spotted it in the mall. The texture is just right to the touch, not too itchy. It’s comfortable, elegant, simple,yet stylish at the same time. It always matters to me that whatever you wear, it must be something that you are comfortable to move in and yet in the same way exude your own style and fashion. I hope you all are having a wonderful morning ahead! Don’t forget to go to Church today.:)



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