Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 3)


Day 3 was probably one of my most memorable experiences ever. We visited one of the most iconic studios Japan has to date – the Studio Ghibli Museum. Located in the quiet town of Mitaka, it is approximately an hour’s train ride from Kinshicho since it was the last station under the Chuo – Sobu Line. You have to change stations from the Chuo-Sobu Line to JR Line to get to Mitaka. I slowly got the hang of looking at train station maps and changing lines ever so often as days passed. It wasn’t as difficult as it seemed once you got used to it.

We also went to the Tokyo Tower and we were privileged enough to have witnessed the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy Series. The Tokyo Tower Management displayed projected images of Final Fantasy installments, sagas, and RPGs on the tower’s glass panels. How cool is that?

Here are some of the photos I took: