The Time of Our Lives : Glen Weds Wee

Weddings are such memorable events, don’t you think? They bring together not just family, relatives, and friends, but most of all two hearts that are intertwined with each other in holy matrimony. Today, another member of my family tied the knot. The oldest of two brothers, my Kuya has finally found a wife. You’ll probably be wowed by how long he and Atsi Wee have been steady. 

Nine years. Yes, you read that right.

 A lot of young couples nowadays couldn’t even wait for marriage that sometimes their impulsiveness leads to grave consequences and ultimately, regrets. I never saw that in Kuya and Atsi Wee’s relationship. Instead, they both waited and prayed for each other, putting God’s timing and guidance first. And now this happened! What a wondrous feeling it is to finally end all the waiting. I am so happy for the both of them and I wish and hope and pray that the Lord will be the source of their strength as they face another chapter of their lives.

Here are some of my outtakes taken from today’s event. I’ll be filling you in all details, especially on the hair and makeup, and the gowns. Enjoy browsing! 

The hair and makeup session started at around o nine hundred hours in the morning.

(Look at all those makeup kit! *swoons*)

(The bride currently being beautified)

The One Happy Story team have done so much magic in the photos. Everything was just picture perfect.

(The wedding gown. Atsi wee and my kuya outsourced this tailored gown from Manila)

This pretty halter long gown is from Bettina by Bettina Ang. I love the beadwork around the neckline and waist which saved me the burden of finding a suitable neckpiece to wear.

Cousin selfie. πŸ˜‚

My handsome man. 😍😘

The flower girls’ crowns were made from scratch by Ellen Alejandrino and her team of creative coordinators.

(My niece being silly with her big brother. 😊)

A cute moment for father and daughter.😊

Atsi Wee looking beautiful together with her mom. ❀️

The wedding was held at Lapasan Baptist Church. As you can see Green and Gold were the theme colours.

Artsy decorations πŸ‘πŸ»

Mr. And Mrs. Glen Oliver C. Clarito!

Look for the odd one out. 😊 my cousin’s and sister’s sexy off shoulder dresses are from Mags

The Reception soon followed after at N hotel. Ellen and her team did a splendid job in the overall decors.

Their prenup photos were beautifully displayed in a barn-window like frame, sticking to their rustic and country motif.

Cute succulents were given as tokens of appreciation for the guests. 🌡

There is really no perfect wedding. Kuya and Ate Wee have had their fair share of mishaps during the preparations. But God has been so good to provide a lot of helping hands to assist them on their wedding day and for that, I am grateful. I hope you guys who have come to the event enjoyed the night. And to my dear readers and followers, I hope this post will inspire you all to wait and pursue marriage because it truly is an honorable thing. Thank you!


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