Get In The Nest : The Most Instagrammable Party

Last night was one of the best parties I have ever attended. The Nest, the newest western-inspired restaurant to grace my humble Cagayan de Oro has finally opened its doors to bring maximum delight to Kagay-anons. I was privileged enough to win an exclusive VIP pass to the said event together with twenty-nine other lucky instagrammers. Partnering with Maison de Bonbon and Guiseppe, The Nest will surely give you a taste of both French and Italian cultures in delectable treats. We were asked to specifically dress in Dominant White or White with black accent- since the whole theme was a sort of black and white party. The Major highlight of The restaurant’s grand opening night was the presence of the top 5 most influential bloggers in the Philippines to date: Camille Co (Camille tries to Blog), Laureen Uy (, Nicole Andersson (NicoleAnderssonblog) and the Enciso Sisters Vern and Verniece ( Check out my snippets from last night’s most “instagrammable party” ever!

Dainty cocktail tables were installed for the guests to enjoy a chat or two with fellow winners and VIPs.

(The DJ played some of the most awesome beats to give the party a little headstart)

I love how stylishly chic the whole architecture of the three conjoined restaurants were. The cool earth tones from the bricks and Wood decorations certainly gave a cozy aura. 

(While waiting for the bloggers to arrive, The Nest crew served us these delicious desserts. Bon Appetité!)

The Nest Squad is finally here! ( from left to right: Laureen Uy, Nicole Andersson, Verniece Enciso, Vern Enciso, and Camille Co)

They were oh so gorgeous in person each of them had our attention the whole time they were up on stage. Heck, I kept on saying “gosh, they’re all so beautiful!” to myself! Haha

(With the beautiful Verniece Enciso! Sadly I wasn’t able to take a selfie with her sister, Vern.)

(I did manage to squeeze in between them for a quick snap! )

Ms. Camille Co is one of my fashion inspiration for my OOTDs. I’ve been an avid reader of her blog since my college days and to finally meet her in person was a dream come true! 

Seriously, Laureen Uy has probably one of the best morena skin tones I’ve ever seen. She’s really bubbly and sweet!

Ms. Nicole Andersson looked like a goddess in her dreamy and flowy white dress. 😍

I was also able to meet a new friend who hailed from California, Elly. Since we both came alone we decided to stick together and take each other’s pictures. Haha. Follow her on Instagram at @coffeexbooktravels!

I wasn’t able to finish the whole party since my Boyfriend picked me up at around a quarter to 11, but I sure had tons of fun and excitement the whole way! I sincerely thank The Nest for picking me as one of the winners. It made me really happy to be able to meet #TheNestSquad and share a chat and photo with them. Check out @Thenest.cdo on IG for more awesome updates and promos!

Visit them now and get to experience comfort and delight in one instagrammable stopshop!

Happy weekend everyone!

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