Project Grace Day 100: Are You Losing Your Shine?

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When you look at a candle being lit, you will notice how big and tall its flame is when the match touches its tip. Soon after, when the wax starts melting, the candle starts to shrink and its light begins to dim out as well. Have you ever experience that kind of unfortunate thing, when your love and faith in God wavers and wavers until one day, you’ll realize that you don’t really have anything left to offer to God?

It is possible for Christians to get caught up in philosophies that seem good on the suface, but break down the centrality of Christ. There are already so many denominations under Christianity, all of which provide different approaches into understanding what the Bible teaches that sometimes we forget to look back at the Subject of God’s Word – Jesus Christ. Because of these so many different idealogies about the Bible, we are hooked into stereotyping each group. We forget that Christianity is supposed to be a way of life under the example of Christ, not a combination of learned philosophies from Man.

I pray that in every circumstance, may we never forget to turn back to Jesus Christ for truth. We definitely cannot find it elsewhere.


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