The Quarter Life

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Twenty-five. It’s a quarter of a hundred. A quarter of a lifetime of endless possibilities, or, if it’s the other side of the coin, a quarter of a lifetime of regret. Twenty -something year olds sort of become anxious when they reach this so called “quarter life crisis” stage. What makes it a magnanimous crisis in the first place? Don’t we all face such a normal thing every waking day of our lives? Crises are part of us. They make our ordinary journey in this planet a little less boring.

A crisis can mean anything to anyone. It can be financial, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or physical in nature. The common denominator of every crisis, though, is its ability to put us at our wits’ ends almost all the time. For a girl like me who is about to reach my “quarter life” in a few days, I am still figuring out what I wanna be and what I want my life to be like. Isn’t that just terrifying, knowing that you don’t know the future and that one mistake can lead to an endless pit of self-pity? Yeah. Right now, I’m quite a stuck-up.

But you know what? The beauty of it all, of not knowing what’s in store for you,or me, or any one of us for that matter, is the fact that we are allowed to hope for the best and make the best out of what we’ve got. Most people don’t get to live up to twenty-five. There are things like crimes or natural disasters and even self-inflicted punishments that cut life so short. Be thankful enough that you’ve reached this far. If you are twenty-five, don’t go around mopping about what you should do with your life. Live it! Go to work, attend Church service, listen to Beethoven or Mozart, paint a mountain or an ocean, fly to new destinations! Just live, you know. Be conscious of every breath you take knowing that every second is a second closer to discovering who you are and what your purpose is.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown stall you. Recognize it, accept it, and let it fuel you to live your life to the fullest. True Success, after all, is knowing that you have lived a life of openness, confidence, love, appreciation, and meaning. 
Don’t get upset if you are twenty-five. It’s the best time of your life yet.


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