Wear It Loud!

Summer is about to end for us here in the tropics, and what better way to close this wonderful and adventurous season than to wear a midi skirt that says “summer” all over it? Check it out:

Katy top and Neoprene midi skirt | thelushcloset (IG)

Wedge sandals | Payless Shoesource

I have had quite a delay getting the top and skirt from the online shop I’ve been transacting with, but all is well, and I am, as always, satisfied with their quality. The sandals were bought 2 years ago (I think) and they’re still in good condition which means, Payless Shoesource is a trustworthy footwear boutique.

I definitely fell in love with the midi skirt. The prints are really pretty, it’s lightweight,plus, the neoprene material of the skirt does not need ironi all the time. (Definitely saves up time and electricity!)

I also like the lazy top I bought from the same online shop. It’s actually long and has side slits at unproportioned lengths.

Today was really really hot for the most part, tht’s why I decided to wear a soft cottony top to help lessen humidity. I hope you guys are having a great weekend.


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