Touche: For the Love of Black and White

Hi guys! Another week is finally drawing to a close. With so much to do and so little time, it’s a must that your wardrobe has both style and comfort  written all over your outfits so you can move freely ,do your thing, and do it in style.For today’s OOTD, I am back to my first loves, black and white. (I just can’t seem to get enough of them!) 

My fashion life will not be complete without these two primary colors in my closet. Hence, I always end up pairing them in my quick OOTD snaps. Deets below:

Jasmine pants (w/ buckle) | Gaisano

Longsleeve bodycon top | Gaisano

Accessories | Ororama

I got these beautiful pieces all under P600.00. It’s amazing how “thriftiness” can affect how much you want to spend on something without having to try so hard to look rich all the while going broke. 

The trousers were bought last 2014 and until now, I still reuse them time and time again due to their elegance, style, and ease.

(Soaking in some healthy vitamin D)

I also like this bodycon top because it contours my upper torso perfectly without having to cling to my body too much. And it’s white. I’ve always loved white tops.

Today is Friday and it’s payday as well! Are you planning to get that ASUS zen fone you’ve always wanted? Or that killer basketball shoes and equipment? Instead of buying things, why don’t you start investing your money? Visit for more of our investment products and services! Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful work week. Have fun! 😊

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