Mint It Your Way

Going back to my original staples of tops and skirts is always refreshing. I decided to wear this pair for today’s Mothers’ Day celebration. How are you spending yours? I hope you give this day for your moms to relax and unwind from all the household work. Anyway, here’re the deets for this Sunday’s OOTD :

Turtleneck top: @fashionhubmanila (IG)

Mint midi skirt: @chiicntrendyy by Joyce (IG)

Neckpiece: Ororama Department store

The color Mint is one of my favorite hues. It is bright, bubbly, and totally uplifting. 👗I got this midi skirt last 2014 from a local online shop here in the city, the owner of which is one of my friends from college.

(Happy smile right there. 😁)

I’m glad that today’s weather is not as hot as yesterday, albeit a bit humid. I hope you’re having a great Sunday ahead! 

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