5 Lessons to Learn from Eddie the Eagle

(Image from tivoliwimborne)

Since the movie 3 Idiots, I haven’t had that opportune moment of getting pricked at the heart for something so moving and inspiring as Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards’ story. A good movie always makes me cry, but a soulful film makes me want to do the things that I really want to do. 

Here are five key lessons we can all take to heart from our good friend Eddie:

A. Don’t let your disability hinder you from reaching your dream.

As a child, Eddie had a leg injury and was always assisted by his trusty crutches. However, that didn’t make him less determined to be able to walk again and start chasing his dream of becoming an Olympian.

B. Don’t stay where you are.

I personally really want to move into a new place, somewhere I can actually restart myself, find my center, and start going after my dream of becoming an Interior Designer or Stylist. Eddie was no different. He decided to leave Britain and went to Germany where his journey to the Olympics began.

C. Success and Failure complement each other.

You cannot know what Victory really is like until you have tasted Defeat. There is no success without failure. It is in failing again and again where you learn to pick yourself up and stand a lot stronger than you were before.

D. There are people who believe in you.

Eddie left home bringing with him the disappointment of his father, the rejection of the British Olympic Association council, and the bullying of his contemporary counterparts. But one person believed in him despite his frantic efforts, Bronson Pearsy – an American Ex-Olympian who taught him pretty much what ski jumping is all about.

E. Believe in yourself.

I never would’ve imagined that a crazy man such as Eddie Edwards would ski jump as high as 90m in the Calgary Winter Olympics in Canada. It was breathtaking to watch, especially when you know that that jump can probably be his last. But Eddie believed in himself and his skills. He also believed in his teacher, Pearsy. It is amazing how far you can go when you just believe in the one person you don’t trust at all – you.

The movie was a masterpiece – not just in cinematography, but in its overall impact in my life. I love films like these that are inspired by true stories of courage. They are the craftsmanship of individuals who want to persuade other people to never give up on their dreams and goals. Eddie the Eagle is definitely a must-watch. Sometimes we all just need a little push. 


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