Sun-kissed: Chiffon on Chiffon

The nationwide Election is just a few days away. Everyone is so busy endorsing their own candidates on Social Media, and I’m here blogging about my next OOTD. So much for being an updated citizen. Haha. I just pray that whoever wins will bring about real and radical change in our country. The Philippines really needs it. Anyway, so much for that. Here’s my Friday work outfit. Deets below:

Chiffon Peter Pan collar top | thrifted

Chiffon Genie pants | Gaisano

This top is one of my favorite blouses to wear whenever I want to feel dainty and girly. The intricate details on the collar make this simple looking piece into an elegant one.

Nothing is sweeter for a shopper than to get value for his or her money. These  Chiffon Genie pants are one of my good finds at Gaisano Mall. For less than $5, you can already get these beautiful trousers to complete your whole look. 

Friday is friyay! I hope you’re having a good Friday evening. Inhale confidence, exhale doubt. Keep safe everyone! 🙂

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