Project Grace Day 93: Never Alone

” I will…not forsake my people.”  1 Kings 6:13 NKJV

(Image from gretasday)

Exhaustion is something almost all of us feel at some point in our lives. We may be exhausted from our jobs. We may be utterly tired from facing unemployment yet again. We may feel discouraged from the constant opposition we face just because we are standing for what is biblically right. Every where we turn, people’s faces spell out EXHAUSTION. This feeling of helplessness sometimes breeds Loneliness. It makes us think that after everything we’ve been through – the harsh realities of life, the bitter truths and all that – we are all alone. No one is there to understand and console us. Nobody cares about our sufferings, our pains, our anguish. But one person does – God.

He knows how much we need comfort. He knows the depth of our burdens. He hears the silent cries ever present in our prayers. He sees the tears that stream down our faces every time we are about to give up. In all of these moments, He is near. When we are face to face with Cancer, God is with us. When Death is standing on our doorstep, the Lord is with us. When we face rejection, He is with us. There is never a second in our lives that God is absent. 

The next time you feel you are alone, remember God’s words : ” I will never leave you nor forsake you.” This promise is as everlasting as the heavenly expanses of sun, moon, and stars. It rings true not only to Christ’s disciples some two thousand years ago, but also to us, His Church, as well.  He is always with you. You can bank on His words with your life. 


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