Project Grace Day 90: A Man Of Sorrows

When Death is right in front of your doorstep, everything seems to be desolate, bleak, and empty. The passing of my Tita, whom I considered as my second mom, left me and the whole family with bittersweet sorrow. Have you ever felt that tugging feeling in your chest as you remember all the memories you had with that loved one, and how you’re not going to make any more of those because he or she is gone? It is something that makes our humanity more meaningful. Death is Life’s agent of change. Without its presence, our journey through this life is nothing more than Monotony – a constant cycle of existence.

Jesus Christ was also a man full of sorrows. Although he was God, his humanity did not exempt him from being vulnerable to fear, agony, and grief. His prayer at the garden of Gethsemane before his death proved that he needed the Father and His strength. The bloodlike sweat that fell from his forehead was a symbol of his struggle with committing to the task at hand, obeying God’s will, and yet seeking relief from the pain. I can never comprehend how such a God as He would give up Heaven for us. Our sufferings are incomparable to what He experienced on the Cross.

I pray that as you go through Life’s obstacles, may Christ’s prayer in Gethsemane remind you that He understands your situation and is very much willing, with open ears, to listen and accept your petitions. May his human struggles show you how he deeply understands your weakness and your need for comfort and joy.

 When we are hurt, Christ is also hurt.

” He is despised amd rejected by men, a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” Isaiah 53:3


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