Cancer is not able

(Photo by Tyrone Magno)

Earlier this afternoon, we celebrated the life and death of my aunt, Cynthia “Honey” C. Magno, who, to the very end, fought her best against Cancer. I still can’t believe she’s gone. Honey was different from other Cancer patients I’ve seen. Usually during chemotherapy sessions, most individuals suffer from vomit, excessive falling hair, and deteriorating health. My aunt, on the other hand, never had any incling or signs of these things. Instead, she ate normally, she didn’t puke, and her hair remained intact. It was not until after her last chemotherapy session when the complications struck. It was Saturday during Holy week when we were informed of her death.

Cancer still remains to be the top cause of death among many people today. Every day millions and millions of people, whether young or old, die because of this disease. It’s hard to know and truly understand the turmoil someone goes through seeing his or her loved one battle Cancer until you have experienced  it first hand.

Cancer is able to bereave us greatly. It is able to take away people we love. It is able to cause us loneliness. It is able to leave us crying for nights on end.

But Cancer surely isn’t able to keep us under Sadness’ ball and chains forever. It is not able to take away Love. It is not able to stop us from hoping. It is not able to keep us from remembering all the good things our loved ones were. 

Cancer is temporary. The pain it causes is only but for a moment. God’s purpose for using it to call our loved ones home may be insensible to us. But we don’t need to understand right away. His thoughts will always be greater than ours. We need to learn how to trust Him. Only then are we able to see the bigger picture and say, “You planned it all along, God.”


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