Project Grace Day 89: God’s Name

” The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1

(Image from Sabbath moments)

If you know any expectant mother, you’d probably understand the feeling of excitement when she thinks of that peculiar and unique name she wants to give to her soon-to-be child. She wants the name to be descriptive of what the child is and what he or she will become. God also has a unique name to Himself and one which can only be entitled to Him alone, “Yahweh”.

“Yahweh” literally means ” The Lord” in Hebrew. It is more famously known as “I AM” during Moses’ interaction with God in the wilderness. The Psalms have a numerous collection of verses to which the name “Yahweh” can be found. Jews find a hard time even uttering the name because it is too sacred for them. Imagine such reverence!

When you are in deep trouble, call on Yahweh. When you are successful, praise Yahweh. In everything you say and do, always acknowledge The Lord. The mere mention of His special name signifies that you know He exists and will continue to exist, and His very presence abides with you.


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