Until the Sunrise

(Image from Wikimedia )

Today, I had first watch of the sunrise in a very long time. I woke up at o five hundred thirty hours to meet it. The sky was still in a transition from blue to violet to orange. Out of impulse, I decided to capture the scene that was taking place before me on time lapse. When I started recording, time shifted gears from fast to slow. I waited and waited, as I looked at my tablet and what was happening in front of me. 

I marveled at the sun.

It’s majesty when it started showing  its beams was intoxicatingly beautiful.  I observed how its rays slowly cut through the curtain of clouds- like somehow the clouds were like stained glasses. Isn’t it ironic how such a natural process can be so often missed by people like us because of our busyness? We want to take a break. We dream of that sought after vacation in a lovely beach, and yet we can’t seem to make time for any of it because we are tied to our work. We are bound under ball and chains by our schedules and obligations.

Being able to witness the world waking up to the sunrise is a privilege. The stillness of everything in that moment just before the sun comes up is breathtaking. It makes you realize how much of the world you have skipped seeing because you are blinded by so many things. I am just thankful that I live to see and feel this moment in time. It’s beauty is something a camera won’t be able to compensate nor replace. Sometimes the best moments aren’t supposed to be recorded or captured. Sometimes they just need to be seen and felt.

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