Project Grace Days 62-65: Uncommonly Unique

“I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14, NKJV

We always knew from our Science classes that Evolution was the beginning of everything. After the Big Bang, the bursts of cells and other particles evolved and evolved until voila, humanity and the animal kingdoms appeared. The Bible, however, telltales our existence from a more realistic point of view. I personally believe that Someone must have created us because of the presence of creativity, complexity, and design in our planet and everything in it. Even to the most minute details of the human body, everything is in place according to its individual and group functions. 

The psalmist is right in praising God for His marvelous works. Indeed, His fingerprints are present in each and everyone of us. He created us with a mind, a body, and soul which He so intricately intertwined to form who we are right now. It is irrational to think that we came from a single-celled organism that slowly transformed overtime until it developed into trees, animals, plants, and later on, humans. Try as I may to think of all possible validations that Evolution presents, it is unrealistic to think that something as tiny as a cell can create a mind and a will of its own. Someone must have definitely put them inside us.

May we always see God’s handiwork in everything that surrounds us- from the birds of the air, the trees in the wilderness, and our loved ones who are with us right now. May we learn to give due credit and honor to our Grand Designer, God, who not only made us just because, but created us with divine love and utmost focus. 



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