Project Grace Day 61: The Reward of Christianity 

“All things are worth nothing compared with the greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” Philippians 3:8

(Image from My Jewish Learning )

Christianity is not just about the blessings. It’s not just about conquering every trial in life. More often than not, people believe the Gospel simply because they want to experience prosperity – whether in material things, in social relations, even in statuses. Most of us have a misconstrued view of Christianity because we think it is a reward system. Like when we do a good deed, we expect to be rewarded in one way or another. But that isn’t the focus of Christian faith. Jesus Christ is. Even Christianity’s root word comes from his name. Before anything else, Christ is the cache. He is the foundation of our faith. Without him, all that we believe in is void. 

I hope that our misconceptions of what the Christian faith is and who Jesus Christ is will be  corrected by constantly immersing ourselves in God’s word. As Jesus faithfully promised,  “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Blessings are only secondary compared to knowing Jesus and having an intimate relationship with him. Christ is the reward of Christianity.


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