Project Grace Day 55: Assurance of Victory

“This is the victory that conquers the world- our faith.” 1 John 5:4

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Don’t we all like to be victorious in every area of our lives? We want to conquer our phobias of the unknown and defeat all uncertainties in our lifetimes. It is really good to hear ourselves say, “I’ve weathered this storm in my life”. But it is more inspiring to say, “I have gone through this storm in one piece because I have known God.”

When you become a Christian, and I mean a real, genuine Christian, God’s victory is already promised to you. Whatever problem, whatever trial, whatever circumstance you are facing right now, you are already assured of triumph. Faith is the key. It is so easy to believe that God can help us, but very much difficult to trust Him to do it. That is what we lack in our Christian lives – Trust. 

If you have no faith in the future, then you have no power in the present. If you have no faith in the life beyond this life, then your present life is going to be powerless. – Max Lucado

Trusting God means letting Him do the things which you cannot. Have faith that everything is under His radar and nothing is amiss from His sight. He knows each and every detail of our lives and is very much willing to display His power through us if only we have faith. 


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