Project Grace Days 37-39:Kindness Makes the Coffee

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Hello. I know missing out on Project Grace has been a constant dilemma of mine for the past days. I was really not in my right mind to write and share my thoughts on the devotionals I had since last week because of so many bombarding issues going on in my family. Anyway, I’ll try to make it up to you guys tonight.

We often hear the saying “kill them with kindness”. It’s usually addressed to people who aren’t really fans of your happiness, albeit existence. Briefly defined, kindness refers to a deed or a person who is “useful, serviceable, and adapted to its purpose.” How often have we shown this trait to our family? Our friends? Our colleagues at work? The street kids who knock on our car windows? Do we realize how much kindness has been shown to us as well by God?

Our ingratitude towards God’s kindness doesn’t restrict Him from giving it to us. In fact, it is part of His character, “because He is kind even to people who are ungrateful and full of sin”- like us.

How often do we thank Him? Not often enough. I hope that we will be able to realize how much the Lord God cares for us to even bestow us His kindness. As Max Lucado puts it, “Kindness not only says ‘good morning,’ kindness makes the coffee.”

Luke 6:35

“He is kind even to people who are ungrateful and full of sin.”


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