Project Grace Day 35 and 36: Quiet Love

Matthew 5:44

“Love Thy enemies. Pray for those who persecute you.”

Love isn’t easy. A familiar saying and yet it still holds true to each one of us until today. Love isn’t easy for you nor for me. It wasn’t either for Jesus. He was frustrated at the unbelief of his disciples. He was also angry at the people for turning the Temple into a market place. Christ felt as human as we are in every respect, and yet perfectly sinless. But his love towards us was a quiet kind – the kind that didn’t boast of anything, the kind that did not think of revenge as a good resort, and the kind that prayed for his friends and enemies.

Jesus Christ, during the last few days of his life, isolated himself from his followers and allowed himself time alone with God. He prayed for the future physical pain he will bear, the sins he will carry on his wounded shoulders, and the ignorant people who will kill him. Having a quiet kind of Love is something we very much need in our society today. So much of what the world tries to impart to us about it is that Love is wild. Love is beyond our control. We can’t help it. It drives us crazy. But Christ’s love isn’t like that at all. His love teaches us the value and importance of quietness, the power of prayer, and the hope of our faith. His love teaches us to prioritize understanding, compassion, discipline, and commitment. His love teaches us to gain full control of what goes into our thoughts, down to our hearts, and out of our mouths.

I pray that we humbly ask Jesus to give us His love so that we may be able to give it to others. Love isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.




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