Project Grace Day 28: Two Sisters

“Since we have been made right with God by our faith, we have peace with God.” Romans 5:1

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Pride and Shame are unfortunate parts of who we are. These days we take pride in the wrong things that we tend to push away the opportunity to be truly humble. Shame, on the other hand, puts such a mar on our dignity that it keeps us from getting back up again after hitting rock bottom. As Max Lucado puts it in his second volume of Grace for the Moment, You’d never know that they are sisters. They appear so different. Pride puffs out her chest. Shame hangs her head… But don’t be fooled. The emotions have the same impact. They keep you from your Father.”

How do we keep ourselves from letting these two evils creep into our spiritual lives?

  1. Read your Bible.

Only if we constantly feed our minds and our hearts with God’s Word can we be able to truly protect ourselves from Pride and Shame. Do not just read. Internalize. Apply. If it’s helpful for you to memorize verses from the Bible, then by all means do so!

   2.   Pray everyday.

Prayer does not only teach us the art of patiently waiting for God’s answers, but it also sets our minds on things of eternal value which one day we’ll be able to bring along when we finally meet our Father. It shields our hearts from being distracted by the world.

Let’s be always mindful of how we treat our accomplishments and defeats. Let not Pride and Shame drive you away from experiencing God’s goodness.


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