Project Grace Day 21: God Never Gives Up


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Psalm 11:7 KJV
For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.

I would definitely like to think that I am righteous and that I am worthy of God’s exaltation. But I’m not. I am the worst- the chief of all sinners,  as Paul described himself as well. Righteousness is an attribute that even the most mature of all Christians find difficult to uphold. It starts with filtering your thoughts, then slowly towards your words, and then ultimately your actions. The world offers us so many a distraction in order for us not to focus on living a godly and righteous life.

But despite our human limitations and the countless temptations we face daily, God won’t give up on us. When Joseph was sold by his brothers to Egyptian businessmen, God showed His abundance and providence through him. When Gideon was sore afraid of the Midianites, the Lord showed His strength and proved that the size of one’s army will not guarantee victory.

Is there any doubt that you are constantly thinking about? Is there any weakness that’s preventing you from being the person God wants you to become? Offer it all to Him. He is able to turn our limitations into limitless possibilities. He is able to give us courage where there is fear. He hasn’t and won’t ever give up on us.

Yours truly,



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