Project Grace Day 20: One Step at a Time

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Psalm 119:105

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

My grandmother is one of the many people I know who worry too much. When she knows I sometimes take a cab when going to and from work, she would always think of one thousand ways for me to probably get hurt. Sometimes we not just ‘like‘ to worry – most of the time we ‘love‘ doing it. We love to forecast about what could possibly go wrong instead of focusing on what we can actually do now to avoid those negative outcomes.

When we fill our heads and our hearts with worry, we deprive ourselves of happiness. We take away the joy of the moment because we are so caught up on what will happen in the future. It’s not bad at all to think ahead. In fact, we are encouraged to plan ahead. But that doesn’t mean you have to mull over your plans of action and worry yourself to death. That is why God instills the value of Trust. He teaches us that when we trust Him with our lives, He is forever faithful to keep us and be with us.

Don’t let Anxiety take control of your life. Learn to master your fears and your worries. Take each day one step at a time. “God promises a lamp unto our feet, not a crystal ball into the future.”- Max Lucado


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