Project Grace Day 13: He Lives In You

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“I work and struggle, using Christ’s strength that works powerfully in me.” Colossians 1:29

Think of an energy drink commercial airing on television as you browse through the channels. When an athlete takes Gatorade or Cobra, a sort of supernatural force flows from his or her body signifying that the energy drink is giving him or her what it’s name suggests: energy.

God, through the Holy Spirit, also works much like it. Whenever we feel down and out, the Lord is ready to fill our tired souls with renewed strength and courage to face each day. Unlike our forefathers of faith in the past, God was only walking with them. He was present with them as if like a physical person. They could hear His voice, and they could see His hands in the works of the prophets who did miracles.

Now, He is in you.

 The Bible is God’s living testimony. There’s no need for signs and wonders, because the Scriptures are His complete resource for our instruction, encouragement, and enlightenment. Before He left, Christ gave us the Comforter – which is the Holy Spirit – to come into our lives and dwell in us. By His dictation we follow what God teaches us in the Bible, we act not according to our own will but by His, and we strive to be more like Christ. In you, God can do the unimaginable. Through you, God can do the indescribable.

We only need to call on Him for He is faithful to answer, and He promises to show us great and mighty things which we know nothing about.


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