Project Grace Day 6: Miraculous Moments

(Disclaimer: photo not mine)

“For in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” Colossians 2:9

If, say a blind man, can play the piano so magnificently, or if a crippled boy can shoot hoops sitting in his wheelchair, or an artist with no arms can create such wonderful paintings with his feet, wouldn’t we all be amazed? Moments like these are what make us scratch our heads and think to ourselves, “How in the world are they able to do that?”

Jesus Christ was no ordinary man. He is God in the flesh, the Creator of the Universe, and yet He demoted Himself to the form of a peasant baby born in a manger. No one would expect that the little child would one day become the world’s Savior from the power and clutches of Sin and Darkness.

Miraculous moments can happen if only we allow God to take hold of the reins of our lives. We pray so hard for breakthroughs to come and change our circumstances, not knowing that it is in the little things where God shows His wonders. Sometimes we take for granted these tiny details, but it is in these minute and most of the time, forgotten things where we can find our sought-after turning points.

May it be our prayer that in whatever situation we are currently in, we may learn to appreciate all the blessings and trials that the Lord sends our way, knowing that He works in all things, through things, in all people, and through people- even those whom we consider unimportant.


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