Project Grace Day 3: Loaded With Love


Psalm 103:4 KJV
Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;

This excerpt from the Psalmist’s song is one which bears so much meaning in my life right now. Lately, me and my family have been experiencing the pricks and thorns of life – especially from our Church. Do you know the feeling of being utterly discouraged and demoralized because you know that there is an underlying group of manipulative elites in your Church that covers a grave act made by a so-called “man of God”?

I know I shouldn’t judge, and I am aware that he, as well as all of us, are human and that there will just be some moments in life that we falter and fail-tremendously- i might add. But to show love without discipline to the person involved is not love at all.

Love does not merely denote being kind and compassionate and understanding and overlooking the wrong that has been done. Real Love,  Agape Love,  is one intertwined with holiness, justice, and discipline. God’s character of Love is always paired with His chastening hand, just as a father corrects a son whom he considers precious. He acts on His love for us.

Being loaded with love means being forgiven, turning away from sin, striving for Christ’s holiness, and helping others realize the same thing. May it be our prayer that whatever good or bad that happens, we may be able to fully shine the true meaning of Christ’s love in our lives.

Yours truly,



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