Project Grace Day 1: 365 Days of Grace


As promised in my last post, Christmas in my Heart, I included a post-script, a tiny insertion about Project Grace. What is it anyway?

It’s January 1, 2016. Yes, the new year has come. I know most, if not all of us are hyped up and excited about what this awesome year has in store for us. We flood our newsfeeds with our ever growing new year’s resolutions and goals. We make wishes for positive changes to happen to in our lives. We fill our bucketlists with new added items to tick off this 2016.  With all of these in mind, we may not be able to take a minute or two to get a sip of Grace. 

What is Grace? Who is Grace?

Simply put, it means, “the unmerited favor of God”. The definition is quite self-explanatory. Grace is what keeps us breathing this very moment. Grace is what brings us through one whole year and face another three hundred and sixty-five days of newborn chances. Grace is what makes God pursue us every day. Yes, He is Love. Yes, He is full of mercy. And Grace is His language.

Project Grace is aimed to give an inspirational thought for each day of this year. It is not only created for the readers, but also for the author as well. To experience it, to hold it, to grasp its essence, to know its Giver, is the very lesson that I want each of us to learn. 

Let me start Day 1 with this:

“Them hath He filled with wisdom of heart, to work all manner of work…” Exodus 35:35, KJV

We are packed for a purpose. There will always come a point in life when you ask yourself, “what am I doing here on this earth?” I’m sure mine came more often than not. Sometimes we get confused as to why we are where we are and why we are who we are. We usually enter a sort of identity crisis. God, however, already viewed our entire life through His Macroscopic lens and has determined our purposes. 

He has prepared us from the day we were formed in our mother’s womb til the day that we hold our last breath. The things that He has set in our hearts are there for a reason. He knew you were going to be a doctor and so installed careful hands and a compassionate heart. He knew you loved art that’s why He gave you an artist’s eye and creative imagination. He knew that you would someday marry and so prepared a suitable partner for you. Everything is prepared by God. Nothing is out of His radar. That includes you.

He packed you on purpose for a purpose.


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