Christmas at 24


Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. I don’t know about you,  but every time the December air comes knocking, everything seems to be more magical than usual! Maybe it’s because of the pretty lights or the jolly music, but it certainly is the most wonderful time of the year. Having seen Christmas celebrations from when I was a tod until now, my ideas and perceptions about the overall beauty of this season has changed so much in more ways than one.

As a child, I saw Christmas as a time for myself – a time when I can receive numerous gifts and basically get everything I want by just batting my puppy eyes to my mom and dad. It was definitely a self-revolving phase for me.

Now that I’m just a few months away to twenty-five years, it seems to me that my view of the Christmas season has changed from being the RECEIVER to the GIVER. When I started working and paving itsy bitsy steps of my career, I realized that the pay I get every fifteenth and thirtieth of the month are more often than not, geared to be given to my family and loved ones. And during Christmas, I almost always buy myself a gift only after I have bought presents for my family and close friends. Age surely teaches you how to think of yourself less. I am really happy that I have learned this wisdom now and not later.

Christmas is the time to be a blessing to others through giving. Don’t expect anything in return. Give as you purpose in your heart. The good deeds you sow today will grow in each human soul you encounter. May this season bring you much joy and happiness.  🙂

Yours truly,



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