A Second Chance- Of Life, Love, And Marriage

(Disclaimer: photo not mine)
Filipino movies unlikely catch my interest. There are only a handful of these films that I loved watching – General Luna, The Breakup Playlist- to name a few. I haven’t watched the prequel of A Second Chance which was One More Chance, but even then my boyfriend and I decided to see the sequel through. Just a short synopsis, Popoy and Basha have been married for almost 7 years. Everything was going smooth and well during the early stages or years of their marriage. They put up their own construction firm and all was in accordance to their dreams and goals as a newly wedded couple. Along the way, Popoy was cheated on by one of his colleagues in their own company and slowly lost several clients due to an accident in a project site that He was currently handling-which became big news. He kept himself from telling Basha that they were drowning in debt, which ultimately led to a lot of their fights. In the end, emotions were poured and sentiments were heard. After being given an offer from a long time friend to work again in Europe, Popoy decided that his life would never be without his Basha, and chose to stay and solve their current crisis.

Here are some memorable movie quotes that will make your heart melt. Get some tissues ready :

Popoy: “Ito na yung huling gabi na merong ikaw at ako. Bash, simula bukas, ang meron na lang ay tayo. Tayo habambuhay. Itong mga kamay na ito, kahit gumaspang na, kahit nanginginig na, hindi ka na bibitawan.”

1. Basha: “I have the right to the truth no matter how ugly, no matter how painful, because I am your wife!”
2. Popoy: I lost him. I lost the man you married. And I’m sorry. This is me at my worst. Kaya mo pa ba akong mahalin?”
3. Popoy: “Lahat naman ng mahal, tulad mo, worth it. ”
4. Basha: “Poy, ikaw lang ang gusto ko. I want a house, I want a comfortable life. But never more than, I want my husband back.”
5. Basha: “I promise to love you even if it hurts, to love you more when it hurts.”


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