5 Relationships You Need To Take Care Of


(disclaimer : photo not mine)
Man has always been a social being. I personally believe that even the loneliest of people has desired, at one point in his life,  the company of a few good friends. It is in our very core to be able to express and converse with others. It is in our nature, and it certainly helps keep our sanity in check.

There are 5 basic relationships we all need to take care of in order to maintain a healthy life:

1. Relationship with God

Psalm 33:15 KJV
He fashioneth their hearts alike; he considereth all their works.

All human race is instilled with a longing, an urge to know and serve a Higher Being. Throughout the course of history men have served heavenly bodies, elements of nature,  even animals, without really recognizing that there is Someone who is greater, mightier,  and more deserving of praise than creation herself – and that’s God. Our relationship with the Lord is the most crucial and important of all human ties. Its value will last an eternity,  even into the next life. We need to treasure it by talking to Him and with Him everyday through His holy Word. It is through the Bible that we can search His will and His plan for our lives.

2. Relationship with Family

Being the basic unit of the community,  the family is second from our relationship with God. We need to take extra care in handling our family ties not only because of blood relations,  but more importantly,  they will be the only ones who will support us and stay with us when others leave us.

3. Relationship with Friends

Our friends are our second families,  and these people are those who lend us their shoulders to cry on when we are having fights with our own households. Nurturing our relationships with our friends helps us understand their significant roles in our lives and appreciate their presence.

4. Relationship with the Church

When we speak of the Church,  we refer to the people and not the building. Fostering good relations with our Christian brethren helps us to grow in our spiritual life. They can act as our spiritual mentors and can disciple us to become exemplars of Christ.

5. Relationship with Ourselves

You may wonder why I’ve put “Self” last on the list. I do not imply that we do not care for our health, our appearances, our education, nor our reputation. What I do want to stress out is the importance of a humble spirit and a heart after God. As Matthew 6:33 says,

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

In order to receive the desires of our hearts,  we must first seek out Jesus Christ and follow his teachings. Doing so will help us shift our focus from satisfying our selfish intentions to pursuing heavenly blessings.

These 5 basic relationships, if properly looked after,  will give us the contentment we so eagerly look for in this lifetime. We have to give each one a suitable amount of attention so that none will be severed and lost. It is my earnest prayer that each of us will be able to maintain these ties, attending to each one as if it is our most prized possession, knowing that they will be incremental to our totality as a person.

Yours truly,



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