Insane LengthsTo Create The Perfect Instagram Feed

As we all know,  since Instagram’s launch some time in October 2010, it has gained over a billion users from all over the world. At first, I thought it was just another “Friendster” platform, but as I became a regular user of the app,  I’ve come to love how simple and user-friendly it is for everyone.

Instagram has evolved since then, adding to its features a myriad of filters for our photos and videos – not to mention its “no crop” option which is totally a break from the usual square frames it creates.

As more and more people patronize the phenomenal app,  gaining a substantial amount of likes, follows, and comments have also begun to be a part of being considered the “perfect instagram gallery or feed”.

What are some of the insane lengths we go through just to achieve this so-called “Instagram stardom”?

(Disclaimer: all photos are not mine)
1. Applying not one- but more than 5 filters.


Ah, yes. The undisputed filters. I think this is the first rule that everyone immediately follows when posting on IG. They make your photos instant gorgeous.

2. Arranging food for an IG worthy shot.


Who knew that this “ritual” before eating has replaced prayer before meals?

3. Taking photos of one’s feet.


I don’t really know how it came to be so popular,  but taking pictures of one’s feet has totally replaced actual people’s faces while posting on IG. whether it’s at the beach, or down the street,  Instagram has definitely become a “feet feed”.

4. Hashtags.


#likeforlike #instagood #instadaily. Don’t lie to me and tell me you haven’t used these. I will really get annoyed with you.

5. Inspirational quotes as selfie captions.


This really hits me. I’ve been a follower of the IG account @SocalityBarbie, and since its creation I have enjoyed how its photos have captured the essence of living a life revolving around Instagram. And one of them is taking inspirational words as captions for selfie shots. Where is the connection, guys?

These are just some of the things that make me realize how unreal we have become online. We post perfectly edited photos and yet talk about being authentic- how ironic! I am also guilty of these things,  that’s why I share them here to remind myself (and you,  reader) that we should never let ourselves be validated by what we give out on the internet.

Live authentic. Live real. Who cares if you don’t have half as much likes and followers as anybody else? It’s your account,  it’s your feed,  it’s your platform. Be yourself –your raw and flawed self. The right people will love and appreciate you for who you are.

Yours truly,



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