The Busy Woman’s Expectations When Reading An Austen


(disclaimer:photo not mine)

Jane Austen. For the bookworms and classic novels enthusiasts out there,  this name would probably ring a gong inside your eardrums.

Who wouldn’t know this world-renowned female author from the eighteenth century? One of her masterpieces,  Pride and Prejudice, later turned into a major motion picture, was a darling and wonderful film which I didn’t dare miss to watch.

For some people though,  Austen is a foreigner-a complete stranger from the usual mainstream sweetflicks authors we know from Wattpad. So if ever you chance upon her books and decide to read through them,  what should you expect?

1. Get ready for some serious Briton accent.

Seriously. I am currently re-reading Mansfield Park again,  and I can’t help but mimic the British Accent which is so evident in her books. I feel like I’m Hermione Granger minus the magical wand and the frizzy hair.

2. You’ll be transported back in time.

While reading Mansfield Park carefully and thoughtfully,  I feel as if I am transported right back to Jane Austen’s time when women wore excessive hairdresses and overly tight corsets under monstrous ball gowns and men had a debonair countenance with their canes and chained watches tucked inside their breast pockets.

3. Expect Austen’s critical opinions on society.

Jane has this sort of foreknowledge in her novels. Growing up with an abundance of books and the encouragement from her father to bask in reading, her writing prowess in her careful analysis of the nitty gritty of society is a skill that I love seeing and feeling in her craft.

4. You will have many Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram worthy quotes to quote.

What with her wit, sense of humor, and clearly intelligent arguments in her books,  I doubt if you won’t pick out a line or two from them and post it as a status on your social media sites.

Overall,  you will clearly have a rather enjoyable time with Jane Austen. Don’t be too hasty to get to the last part of her books. Savor each page. Let your imagination run free with her words. Reading, and I mean reading a good book like Austen’s, should never be a burden but a pleasure which everybody should be entitled to have. 🙂

Yours truly,



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