You are worth it.


To the one who stumbles upon this figment of my thoughts, hello.

You. Are. Wonderful.
You. Are. Lovely.
You. Are. Beautiful.

To the “you” who, after debating a million times in your own head whether to get up and face another day or sulk and stay behind the four corners of your room, chose to stand up and face the present with bravery and confidence, you are awesome. To the “you” who continues to believe something good can come out of any terrible situation, you are admired. To the “you” who cries a waterfall of tears every night because of a broken heart and yet still continues to live,  you are beloved.

You do not have to put on a mask to conceal your flaws and all. You are vulnerable, you are weak. And those are what make you strong and capable. Your awareness of your vulnerability and frailty as a human is the first step to overcoming and rising above any circumstance.

You do not have to blend in. All you need to do is to stand out. You don’t need to compromise what you are and what you believe for the gratification of others’ egos. You know you’re far better than that.

You do not always have to need the company of others. You must learn to love yourself first. Love your weaknesses and your strengths. Nurture your likes and favorites. Get to know your dislikes, regrets, and resentments. Knowing who you really are and accepting yourself wholeheartedly will allow you to live freely and without limits.

May you always find it, in yourself, the courage to believe that you are worth it. You are blessed beyond compare.

Yours truly,



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