7 Things You Wish You Can Say to Your Employer (but can’t)

disclaimer: photo not mine)
Have you noticed why so many young professionals today have been moving from one job to another in just a short span of time? Some may say it’s for “greener pasture”, but most of the time it really is just the inability of the individual to speak about his job to his employer or boss. Some professionals feel choked by all the responsibilities of their work that are sometimes out of their job description that they choose to resign because they can’t take it anymore.
As a working girl, I too have been feeling the same way lately. And How I wish I can totally say these 7 things to my boss/employer personally,  but just can’t:
1. I’m no robot. I don’t have multiple processors in my head to record all the things you want me to do.
2. I’m only one person. I’d have to call on a Jedi and ask him to lend me his force so I can make a ton of “me”clones.
3. I get tired. I really do. Please let me maximize my break time.
4. Please help me out when I need help. I’m not as bright and I’m not as experienced as you are.
5. I don’t have answers to every question. I’m not an Almanac.
6. I sometimes have a hard time submitting my reports on the dot because I have so many mini-bosses-other colleagues and most especially clients,  not just you alone. So please consider.
7. I fail. A lot. Let me mend and correct myself with your constructive criticism instead of hurtful words.
These things may sound like I’m complaining-or maybe I am. Either way, I just want to point out that we are so caught up with our work that we forget to take care of ourselves. My boyfriend personally said to me that lately I haven’t been pampering myself and that I looked like a maid. (yes, he did say that and it hurt).
If it means having to do multi-tasking in our work, I just hope we’ll be given the right compensation-and I’m not just talking about salary-that we need in order to refresh ourselves anew.
I am really sorry but I just had to let all my exhaustion out.


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